What are the available shapes?

Skylights come in circular, square or rectangular shapes. You can opt for a pyramid, dome, trapezoid or northlight for the polycarbonate top section when choosing a square or rectangular skylight.

What are the domes made of?

The domes are manufactured from polycarbonate which is almost unbreakable. These domes are classified as ‘Class B Non Fragile’

Will the sun discolour the skylight?

Polycarbonate skylights come with a UV coating; this prevents any discolouring from the sun.

Is it safe to walk on the skylights?

The only skylights to walk on are specifically called ‘walk on skylights’ which are available from our Solarglaze and Thermalight ranges. NEVER walk on any polycarbonate skylight regardless of shape as they are not safe to do so.

Will my skylight come with a warranty?

Yes, although the duration of the warranty does vary between products. Glass skylights are accompanied with warranty periods of between 1 and 5 years. The duration depends on the specific product in question. Our polycarbonate skylights are accompanied with warranty periods of between 10 and 20 years. The mechanical and electrical components are accompanied with a 1 year warranty.

Please ask us for the exact information regarding the product you are interested.

What are the differences between acrylic and polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is protected against UV sunlight and is almost unbreakable. Acrylic does not have a UV coating to protect against sunlight and become brittle over time.

Will I have to build a kerb?

Not always. We are able to supply the majority of our skylights to be fitted direct to roofs as they come complete with kerbs. Alternatively we can supply just the glazed / polycarbonate section to fix an existing timber kerb.