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about-our-skylightsThere are a great range of skylights available from a simple standard size polycarbonate skylight to automatically opening power operated smoke vents fully integrated into buildings fire systems. Even the terminology can be a bit confusing; it does not matter if you prefer to call them skylights, roof windows or anything else, our expertise is at your disposal.

Where natural daylight is necessitated in a building there is a skylight for every situation. You can also get solid aluminium (and steel) skylights that can open for ventilation and/or smoke dispersal, and skylights with built in down-lighters for additional light achieving sun light during the day and artificial light at night. Glass skylights can be manufactured to provide access to a flat roof, to bring the outside inside, and some glass skylights can even be waked on, for example if you are using the roof spaces as a balcony or sunbathing area.

about-our-skylights-2A skylight with a square base and a dome top is the starting point for most people, but there is much more on offer. Rectangular skylights are extremely popular and circular skylights are also available in a great range of sizes. If you can imagine it we can probably supply it. Domes, pyramids, trapezoids and even octagons have all been successfully applied and the more unusual shapes can add some real character to a building. Colour and ventilation adds even further options with both the kerbs and the skylight itself available in many options.

about-our-skylights-3Alternatively a large commercial building may require many skylights to allow natural light in to help save energy which would otherwise be wasted on lighting. In these high volume situations the standard polycarbonate skylight is a very commonly seen skylight in the UK, and are easy to fit, low in cost and normally available ex-stock.

It really doesn’t matter to us if you need a full smoke vent system, several hundred polycarbonate sky lights for a factory or simple a single skylight for your extension. Whatever you want and whenever you need it your skylight order will always receive the very best service and support we can offer.


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